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the anti-aging skincare for mixed skin


Mixed skin is characterized by the presence in different parts of the face of dry areas (generally around the eyes and cheeks) and other more seborrheic areas (forehead, chin). It is not exclusive of adolescence but can be a characteristic of skins of any age. The “T” zone tends to get worse indoors, with heat and humidity. Dilated pores can form, blackheads that denote the presence of impurities. At the same time, dryness and flaking may occur in other areas.
Usually with the modification of the hormonal structure and the onset of menopause the lipid component is reduced, and the skin is transformed tending towards dryness. However, this also leads to relaxation of the skin due to thinning of the dermis and melanin spots (photoaging) may appear.
Environmental factors such as smog, dust, smoke and emotional ones such as stress contribute to worsening the picture of mixed skin.

The products suitable for this type of skin must promote hydration, have a good antioxidant power and regulate the production of sebum.
If the sebum is in excess, hyperpigmentation, unpleasant spots, a gray and aged appearance may also occur. Therefore light exfoliating treatments are also needed to restore brightness and homogeneity, without being aggressive or irritating at the same time.
Finding a compromise for all these needs is not always easy.

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For mixed skin, purifying and gently exfoliating treatments with alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids are particularly suitable. They perform a chemical peel on the most superficial layer of the skin, making it progressively smoother and brighter. The most common fruit acids are citric acid, mandelic acid, glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, ferulic acid, and others. In cosmetics they are used in low concentrations, the highest ones are in fact the prerogative of the dermatologist.

On first applications, or on particularly delicate skin, they may cause redness and stinging, which generally tends to disappear in a short time. Evening application is recommended, not during the summer, and away from UV radiation. During the day, it is better to use a cosmetic in combination with a sunscreen. The most commonly used alpha hydroxy acids are mandelic and glycolic acids. Concentrations around 4-5% have a moisturizing action, from 10% the action is exfoliating. Glycolic acid minimizes imperfections such as scars and wrinkles, but you shouldn’t overdo it so as not to dry the skin too much.


Already after the age of 35, the skin begins to suffer from cellular aging, loses tone and elasticity and presents discolorations due to sun exposure over time. Hyaluronic acid is normally and physiologically present in the human body and in the skin, however it decreases with age. It is present at low and high molecular weight, the first acts in depth giving compactness and elasticity, the second remains more on the surface with a tensor effect and giving hydration (retains water).

Biomimetic peptides are sequences of amino acids, with different biological functions, which can mimic and replace those present in the skin, which have disappeared over the years. For example, they can work as messengers and induce new collagen formation and a “botox-like” tightening effect.


It is a derivative of vitamin B3 with antioxidant properties: it protects the skin from free radicals and prevents premature aging, stimulates the production of lipids and the formation of collagen and elastin. Vitamin B3 stimulates the formation of lipids and ceramides, essential for the protective function of the skin. Niacinamide regulates sebum production and can help mattify the T-zone, it has an antibacterial effect and can ensure a smoother complexion with fewer impurities. It is also able to inhibit the synthesis of melanin and improve hyper-pigmentation spots and acne scars.


with technological functionals associated with natural active ingredients of Peony, Sage and other botanical species

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