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Vegan, Natural or Bio Cosmetic?


More and more the terms vegan, natural, organic are used in the world of cosmetics, to guarantee, at least as it should be, the presence of natural ingredients and ecological manufacturing processes.

What is meant by natural cosmetics?

The term “natural” is generic, there is no formal rule that establishes the quantity or number of natural and synthetic components that may be present in the product. There are private certifying bodies that have tried to define “standards”, for example Ecocert, but there is no actual rule that regulates the use of the term “natural”.

Ecological and organic cosmetics

The terms “ecological” and “organic” are similar, they mean that the product contains 95% or more of ingredients of natural origin (50% vegetable) and of these at least 5% from organic farming. For these matters the best known certifying body is Ecocert.

The logo of the certifying body on the label of certified products helps the consumer in making an informed choice on cosmetics.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cosmetics

The word “vegetarian” in the context of cosmetics means that the pproduct does not contain animal ingredients but may contain some derivatives (propolis, snail slime, viper venom, …)

The term “vegan” refers to the fact that the product does not contain both animal ingredients or animal derivatives. For example vegan-labelled products should not contain milk, honey or snail slime. But it is no guarantee that the ingredients and/or final product have not been tested on animals.

What are cruelty free cosmetics?

European legislation prohibits the testing of cosmetics on animals, and this is law (on 11 March 2013, the absolute ban on the sale or import of cosmetic products and ingredients tested on animals came into force in all European Union countries , as required by the European Regulation 1223/2009).

Therefore, even the term “cruelty free” in Europe does not make much sense, while it must be sought on products from abroad, as the legislation changes according to the country of origin of the product. The logo for cruely-free products is usually a bunny.

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